Use case makers

We all started small, but in no time, we managed to run multiple companies in various domains. All these were possible thanks to our team of experts, who have all the necessary knowledge to make success a reality.

Among the first projects, we worked on was Core Group, a company that specializes in software and blockchain solutions, which developed, with our help, a software solution platform designed to support 21st-century communications, data management, identification social interaction, and transactional solutions.

marketing analysis
business innovation
finance strategy

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

developing financial processes and procedures

Other successful projects we have implemented or are working on:
  • digitizing natural resources on the blockchain so everyone can access them to secure their future.
  • PluspunktEnergie: offering the possibility to become both a consumer and an investor in green energy, contributing to making the environment cleaner and also to sustainable development.
  • Citysport: the first Airbnb in sport, connecting sports facilities with sports amateurs, professionals, trainers, and other stakeholders.

Being determined and ready to use all our knowledge and tools to make the business world better for everyone, we are prone to work with all the businesses that show potential to become leaders in their domains.

Not only do we do our best to get the results we want, but we have learned through practice everything we need to know to make any goal achievable.


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